A Helping Hand In Achieving Sustainability At Organo

  • May 3, 2018

One of the keys to Organo’s overall success is in its choice of experts who are involved in several aspects of environmental sciences. One such highly accomplished and regarded consultant is Rahul Bakare. Armed with several qualifications from IIM Calcutta, Michigan State University and University of Pune, Rahul Bakare, CEO & Founder of Urdhvam is the Environmental Sustainability Consultant at Organo.

Urdhvam which when translated means `Reaching Higher’ is a Pune based organization that aims to develop Sustainable Environmental Solutions for modern age problems arising out of urbanization, land use pattern changes, consumptive economy, lack of awareness and overutilization of natural resources.

“When we heard about the project, we were very excited as our vision and mission align with what Organo stood for. At Organo, the biggest missing piece was the understanding of sustainable groundwater based “Water Supply.”
We came in to map the aquifers, analyse the aquifer behaviour, quantification of groundwater resources, storm water generation mapping, recharge of groundwater resources. We not only worked on the groundwater supply augmentation through storm water harvesting strategies, but also on the demand reduction/management side. We used our understanding of farming, water efficient techniques, etc. and helped Organo reduce water consumption,” explains Rahul.

In Rahul’s rich experience and exposure, Organo happens to stand apart from the rest. Some of the reasons, according to Rahul, are, “Organo as a layout has taken into consideration water and nutrient cycles and have tried to close both these loops locally. Most of the Architects and Developers do not look at these cycles seriously and are only money minded.

The team at Organo was completely opposite and their design and implementation is value based. I have not seen such layout which thinks things through from environment perspective and makes it a “closed loop system” including energy, water, nutrients, solid-liquid waste, organic, bio-mass, culture, etc.”

In spite of having seen several projects on the same lines, for Rahul “Organo would be a dream home if I could afford it.” He feels very strongly for the need of more such endeavours in the world. “Most of the modern western education based real estate developments are “Linear Systems” which are exploit-use-pollute but Organo has made it a “Closed Loop” system which is having smaller Carbon, Energy & Water footprint and hence less polluting than other layouts. This sort of value based development of land should be made mandatory in the real estate industry for long term sustainability.”


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