At Naandi, our aim is to build a self-sustainable rurban community of likeminded individuals. A community where people are not only conscious about their health & lifestyle but also spend time interacting with each other, sharing experiences and learning from each other. We are proud to have so many Naandians with us.

Dr. Biksham Gujja

Founder and Chairperson, AgSri Agricultural Services Pvt. Ltd

The Hindu has described Dr. Biksham Gujja as 'the water man of India' and with good reason. He worked as head water policy with WWF-International (1993-2010) based at Gland, Switzerland. He was also visiting scientist at ICRISAT leading an international project on water productivity. He has conceputalised an set up various major initiatives such as Himalayan high altitude wetlands and lakes, river dolphins, water productivity of major crops, watershed management, bottle water, dams and development etc. Dr. Gujja authored many papers, edited books and his contributions are acknowledged by policy experts globally. He founded AgSri which works with farmers in India and Africa. He shares his time between Hyderabad and his family in Switzerland.

Ravi Vedula

Director at Cadence Design Systems

Ravi Vedula accidentally discovered Naandi when he was looking for a place to host a team offsite. The connect was instant and within days he'd made up his mind to move here. He saw the potential in a self-sustaining community like Naandi and how it could be a futuristic yet rustic way of living in harmony with nature. Both he and his wife are keen on building a healthier life and are ready to get their hands dirty with farming.

Rajeev Malve

Owner, Taruni Clothing

Mr.Rajeev Malve is the owner of one of the leading clothing brands, Taruni. Mrs.Gayatri is a homemaker. The couple has two daughters, Rhea and Eshita who study in Indus International School. The family loves to travel together.

Sajja Kishore Babu

CMD, Power Mech Projects Ltd

Mr.Sajja Kishore Babu is a first generation entrepreneur whose drive and belief have made him one of the leading names in the power infrastructure industry. His company's milestones include building thermal, hydro, nuclear and gas power plants in India and abroad. His contributions to making India energy efficient and his involvement in sustainable social development make us proud to have him as a fellow Naandian. He loves talking to young students and motivating them to do better. The couple is blessed with one daughter and one son who are both doing exceptionally well in their careers.

Srinivas Naidu

Mr.Srinivas Naidu and Mrs.Annapurna Naidu have two daughters who are studying in Oakridge International school. Darshini, the older one is in the 11th grade and Kavya, the younger one is in the 9th grade.

Sridhar Bathina

Vice President Engineering at Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Mr.Sridhar Bathina holds a masters degree in technology. His wife, Mrs.Rajani also holds a masters degree in technology. She is now a home maker. The couple has two daughters and a son. While Shalini has graduated in B.A and is pursuing acting as a profession, Sneha is a counsellor for Autistic children. Sirish on the other hand is a software engineer.



Physician Dr. Rajasekhar's love for ranching and fruit cultivation led him to find a shared passion in Naandi. Together with his wife Adiseshu and children Suresh and Chaethana, he hopes Naandi can help their family lead a healthier life connected to their roots.

Venkat Pindipolu

SAP Technical Architect at AT&T

After having lived in UK for more than 12 years, Mr.Venkat and his wife, Mrs.Neelima have decided to return to India. They were recently blessed with a daughter, Vennella. With the desire to reconnect with their Indian roots and raise their daughter in a healthy & organic environment, they have chosen Naandi as their home in India. Mr.Venkat is a SAP architect and Mrs.Neelima is a business analyst for SAP & financial systems at BAM Construct in UK. The couple loves traveling, exploring new places and are known to be great hosts.

Shreesh Dubey

CXO, Microsoft

A yoga session in Naandi's serene surroundings was the beginning of Sreesh & Anupama Dubey's love affair with Naandi. As Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft, Sreesh's career has spanned decades and geographies. After years of city life, he wanted a home in a place that echoed his love for the outdoors, riding bikes, without compromising on quality of life. Anupama is a social activist, she loves spending time outdoors and practices Yoga too. Shreesh & Anupama now live in Naandi with their daughter Arshika.

Nagesh Kumar Battula

Founder Organo, Director FHD

What kind of houses do architects live in? You can answer this question by visiting Nagesh & his family at their home on Organo. A love for the outdoors and the opportunity to build something sustainable drove Nagesh to co-found Organo. You can find him most days on the farm, exploring Organo's inviting outdoors with his wife, Mrs.Lakshmi and kids, Munek & Yuvik.

Rajendra Kumar

Co-Founder, Organo

Raj is Co-founder of Organo and one of the minds behind the idea. An entrepreneur with a long pedigree of success, Raj enjoys the closeness to nature living at Naandi offers him. When at Organo he loves going on walks along the farm and having food cooked with freshly picked vegetables.

Harinath Tipparaju

Lahari Constructions Private Limited

A love for wide open spaces defines Harinath Tipparaju. Founder of Lahari Resorts and Organo, his life has been a testament to the fact that hard work brings achievement. At Naandi, he finally has the opportunity to stop and take it all in. He plans to build a healthier life through the organic food and outdoor activities Naandi offers him in plenty.

Lalit Sanghi

Director at Lengths Designing & Project Management Pvt.Ltd

Lalit Sanghi, owner of Lengths Design & Project Management, is an architect by profession and one of the first believers in Naandi. Their elder son Divyansh, holds a masters degree in civil construction from Purdue, is engaged to Kushali Agarwal and their younger son, Mithul is pursuing architecture too. This family loves music!

M.M Reddy

Non For Profit Organizations

A wildlife enthusiast, traveler, photographer, storyteller and mentor. Mr.Madhu’s family is one of the first to move into Naandi. Nature, birds and animals are all his subjects of photography at Naandi. An alumnus of IIT Mumbai, Mr.Madhu has built many successful companies and has chosen to live a life that focuses on travel and work for not for profit organisations across the globe. Mrs.Reddy, on the other hand, loves indulging in kitchen gardening and has plenty of vegetables growing already. The couple has one daughter and one son who are both settled abroad.

Hari Thalapalli

CEO, Call Health

Mr.Hari Thalapalli learnt the benefits of collaboration early. As an ex-Chief People Officer at Tech Mahindra and currently, as the CEO of Call Health, he's built teams that transcend boundaries to work together for a common cause. As a homeowner at Organo's Naandi community farm though, he's once again part of something bigger. His passion for gardening and greenery make him a vocal and integral part of Naandi’s collective living project. His wife, Mrs. Sumeeta Hari is a Director at Deloitte Consulting and has vast experience in IT and Consulting domains. They have a daughter, Shruti and a son, Pratyush. Shruti works with Google and Pratyush is pursuing his Law degree at OP Jindal Global law school.

Krishna Chaitanya

Senior Architect, Oracle

When Mr.Krishna, senior architect at Oracle, is not spending time building valuable products, he is seen indulging in sports. His wife, Mrs.Anusha is a Senior advisor at Dell Inc and a trained Kuchipudi dancer. Mr. Krishna's parents, Mr.Rama Krishna Rao and Mrs. Madhavi also stay at Naandi and look forward to spending quality time in the outdoors.

K. Vijay Kumar

Director, Sri Chakra Cements Ltd

Mr.Vijay Kumar is the Director at Sri Chakra Cements and a veteran of the industry. His wife, Mrs.Lalitha is a home maker. The couple has two sons. Their elder son Sriram, is pursuing his P. G in Industrial Engineering at Boston and younger son, Sashank is pursuing his PG in Economics in London

Satyendra Prasad

Executive Director at Regency Ceramics Limited

Satyendra Prasad and Radhika are one of the first owners at Naandi and the very first to have moved to the community in November of 2015. Their casual drive into Naandi way back in 2014, even before the Model Villa was ready, along with Mr. M.M.Reddy and Mrs. Sunitha, became the first of their many visits and soon both couples have become part of the development in person and soul. Prasad is a Software Engineer with business interests in Software and Construction Industries while Radhika is a Management Graduate taking a sabbatical at present. Prasad and Radhika are parents to Rishika and Kireeti Satyanarayana. Rishika has just graduated as an Architect from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, and Kireeti is in 10th grade at ISH, Hyderabad. The family loves nature, travel & celebrating life!



Why not live in the healthiest environment that is closest to nature? C. Ravindra wanted to live in a place that gave him room to express himself and matched his ethos of conscious living. A strong believer in organic farming, his family already grows vegetables at home. He loves to paint and wants to resume it once he starts living at Naandi. Moving to Naandi will give him the time to slow down, paint and bicycle in a verdant green neighborhood. His wife, Mrs.Lakshmi, is looking forward to meeting the neighbours and introducing her son to a healthier way of life.

Sainath Bathina


Fun loving lawyers are a rare breed and Mr.Sainath Bathina is the best representation of them. He's spent years living the hectic legal life and the move to Naandi is a way for him and his wife to slow down and focus on their health. Mrs. Bathina loves the outdoors and plans to grow her own vegetables, learn farming and pottery and take morning walks to the sound of chirping birds. They have one son who is married and lives in California.

Vijay Madduri

CEO, Incessant Technologies

Mr.Vijay and Mrs.Lashmi are the neighbours everyone would love to have - warm and friendly. Their children Lasya and Tarun live with them.

Mr.Sanjay Gulbani


Mr.Sanjay Gulbani is a jeweler by profession. He owns and runs P Mangatram Jewellers. When he visited Organo a year ago, he was not looking to buy a farmhouse but after experiencing Organo, his decision changed. The Gulbanis are constructing a home in Jubilee Hills but have decided to move to Organo during the weekends. He fell in love with the whole concept of #LifeOnASlowTrack. His love for outdoors, greenery and animals has made him choose Horse riding as a hobby. He learned to canter within 3 months and is now eager to join our community and raise his own horse.Mrs.Deepa Gulbani runs a social organisation called EQUI_AID.

Srini Jasti

Project Manager, Microsoft

Mr.Srini Jasti is the project manager at Microsoft in USA. He lives with his wife Mrs.Pratima Jasti and two kids.

Sudheer Koneru

Founder & CEO Zenoti

Mr.Sudheer Koneru is the man behind a highly successful software company, Zenoti. Apart from work, he enjoys participating in marathons. His wife, Mrs.Rama Koneru is an alumnus of IIT Madras and has been in the software industry for years. She is also known for conducting organic Ganesh idol making workshops and works with a lot of not profit organisations that are working towards making the environment better.

Aluri Srinivasa Rao

Managing Director of Morgan Stanley private equity Asia

Aluri Srinivasa Rao was managing director of Morgan Stanley private equity Asia, currently on a one year sabbatical . He is an avid golfer and a sports enthusiast. Brunda Aluri , home maker and co founder of NGO "Move the wheel" working with under privileged children in govt schools.The mission of MTW is to give childhood a chance by making education fun and beneficial through community enriched programs. Moulika is doing her masters in applied psychology at university of Southern California and Pratik is in the 11th grade at Agakhan academy .

Ram and Dhara

Ram and Dhara were born and brought up in Elluru, Andhra Pradesh ;studied in USA and lived there for more than a decade. While Ram holds a Masters degree in Computers and heads a Software Consulting Firm and is also into diversified businesses, Dhara holds double Masters degree in Nutrition (India & US).She is passionate about cooking and is a home maker. Their beautiful daughters Sriya aged 8 & Siri aged 7 are studying in Oakridge Newton Campus.Both are inclined towards Art & Culture and love swimming. They moved back to India with an intention to give back to the society through their charity trust that they run in their native place Elluru and are already supporting more than 200 families. They have chosen to live in Naandi and are looking forward to completely relocate. They believe Organo lifestyle is the only choice they have if they want settle down back in India.