Organo’s Alternate Living

  • April 25, 2018

If there is one word that explains Organo’s alternate lifestyle it is ”Rurban” – a word coined by Organo! The word rurban (rural+urban) refers to a geographic territory or a landscape which possesses the economic characteristics and lifestyles of an Urban area, while retaining its essential Rural area features. Simply put – Rurban denotes best of both the worlds.

The advantages of urban life combined with the goodness of rural living. The benefits of technological advancements and the virtues of belonging to a community. Goodbye isolation. Welcome collective living.

Organo’s essence lies in its community. Everything, just about every asset and every responsibility is shared. That’s the beauty of it. While the farm units belong to the individuals where the space is private and personal, the rest of the property belongs to the community as a whole. Nobody is ever lonely, even if they are alone at times. Life is full of natural wonders.

Naandians believe that emancipation lies in reversing this cycle of ‘taking’ to ‘giving back’ to create a balance. ‘Naandi’ is a beginning to achieve this balance. The Naandi paradigm of building communities is also sustainable as it moves from a consumer mindset to a producer’s.

In the middle of intense urban development, corporatization and fast-paced lifestyle, comes a new way of life. A life we’ve long forgotten. A life that connects past with the present. A life that is vital not just for our future but for the future of the Earth and humanity in general. Presenting Organo – for the passionate and for the conscious.


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