Organo’s Journey To Becoming A Net Zero Community – Vishvas Ghawate

  • April 24, 2018

Vishvas Ghawate, a Pune denizen, is a Civil Engineer by profession with a 15 year track record in the Irrigation industry.

His core focus is the effective use of water with respect to planning, design, execution and maintenance.

“I was deeply influenced by Chanakya’s quote – A man is great by deeds, not by birth – when I was 20. As I grew up, I become more passionate about our society, surroundings and nature. While earning money and gaining knowledge in professional life, one should be always in touch with nature and should always give back in whatever way we can, even if it is small,” expresses Vishvas who is currently a partner with AVG Sustainable Green Solutions LLP, a company that is committed to clear sustainable development with plants and water.

Vishvas is an expert consultant engaged with Horticulture and Irrigation activities such as planning, consultancy, development, project management and aftercare, watershed management, green belt development, farm development, nature trail and development, ravine beatification, green belt development, slope protection, organic farming, soil bioengineering and automated Irrigation.

Curiosity led him to Organo. “When I learnt the details of this project, I was deeply drawn towards its main motto – An organization for change. The fact that the project is well supported by passionate promoters who believe in urban, yet sustainable lifestyle which connects people of this community to nature, added impetus to my interest in becoming a part of it,” explains Vishvas, “Basically the area where Organo is located, receives very less rainfall in a year. The water available serves only the drinking purpose. As such, groundwater is the only option for farming and other purposes. But this option also has very limited volume as the water table in this region is lower than the normal range. Every Drop of Water is Countable.”

“While developing a Rurban lifestyle for people, the main motto is Net Zero,” elaborates Vishvas, “Which essentially means whatever elements like water, energy we receive from nature, we need to return by different ways to the nature. This is not an easy task as the logistics and economics are to be taken into consideration.”

But then where there is a strong will, there has to be a way. With the support of conscientious promoters, Vishvas has succeeded in translating their vision into reality.

Vishvas deals with Water, so his challenge was in reducing the requirement of water to the minimum and to ensure that every drop used is reused and recycled. “In short whoever is the end user needs to have awareness and be sensitive about water usage and its importance,” describes Vishvas, “To achieve this, we collected all hydraulic baseline data of this project which involves extensive detailing of all the water requirement of this project, existing cropping patterns, farming practices, rainfall data, existing and upcoming water uses. All this was done by maintaining the Net Zero Concept of the Project.”

The promoters initiated ground water table survey under detailed hydro geological survey to understand the specific figures of ground water table. In short, engineering figures in terms of availability, yield uses, reuse, and recycle- Net Demand vs. Net Supply had to be handled efficiently.

Keeping in line with the Net Zero concept, Vishvas introduced measures like water shade management and rainwater harvesting activities in and around Organo. “Natural Ponds, CCT, rainwater harvesting, water recharge borewell are all part of the plan, designed and executed to increase existing ground water table. We worked out specific irrigation water requirement, tried different drip irrigation options with different materials for practical maintenance. Plantation patterns were changed whenever needed, native plantation was adopted. Lawn area is almost 0% in this project. This is normally not seen in such large residential projects all over India,” he adds.

Drip Irrigation System is designed to ensure optimum use of water to the green areas. All the recycled water is supplied to the green areas. Also, automation has been incorporated for effective Irrigation System.

Usually, in such large scale projects, Irrigation systems get installed in later stages, but in Organo, every required water drop is calculated, supplied, measured and recorded for long term efficacy.

In short, every person engaged with the project, be it staff, labour, promoters, service providers or residents, every single person is well aware of the exact quantity of available water.

This makes them conscious and aware of the need to conserve water and prevent wastage. The Gen Next at Organo are also well aware and have been sensitized to water conservation and net zero concept. That in itself is a feat that has been accomplished by Team Organo!


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