In the middle of intense urban development, corporatization and fast-paced lifestyle, comes a new way of life. A life we’ve long forgotten. A life that connects past with the present. A life that is vital not just for our future but for the future of the Earth and humanity in general. Presenting Organo – for the passionate and for the conscious.

They are professionals by the weekday and community farmers by the weekend. They grow their own vegetables and fruits, breed their own chicken and raise their own cattle for fresh milk. Apart from this, they engage in nature’s bounty with serene pockets of mini forests, landscaping and water bodies that are habitats for birds, animals, insects and aqua life.

A new-age urban community driven passionately by the ethos of “agro-culture and sustainable organic farming”, Organo has developed India’s Largest collective Organic Farming Community. Thriving on the concept of ‘farm-to-table’, Organo offers its residents the best of both worlds – an urban lifestyle entrenched with the finer nuances of a rural life. The community uses the best of technology and nature for effective and productive organic farming.


Organo is for those who are looking for an alternative urban, self-sustainable and healthy lifestyle, which respects nature and its resources without compromising on their comforts and conveniences. In other words, it is a community where residents live a life connected to the nature.

Spread across 35-acres in the lush green bio-conservation zone of Hyderabad – 9 kms. from APPA Junction on the Himayath Sagar – Chevella Road, it is for those who respect nature’s ways and want to lead a life of selfreliance through a completely sustainable organic way of living.

It has been designed as aholistic farm, where farmingIt features communityfarming, personal farming,nursery, animal husbandry,forest plantation, medicinal plantation, aqua farming, api culture etc. Apart from a 16.5-acres community farm dedicated to various fruits and vegetables, every resident will have open spaces in their own farm plot to indulge in their choice of vegetables and fruits. Together, all these greatly benefit the residents in leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

A lot of research and detailing has gone into the design of the project to ensure that it is viable and appropriate for the residents in every which way. A group of passionate architects, organic farming professionals, organic product makers and other experts from diverse and related fields have come together to make Organo a pioneering model that will inspire a whole generation to shift to the organic way of life. It is an earnest attempt to re-establish connection with the lost thread of value systems, indigenous knowledge and technologies native to our land and harmonizing it to today’s necessities. This should be the start of a change that will help in conservation and enhancement of ecology in the surroundings and may be even further, in days to come.

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