Our Story

From Mission to Revolution

Who we are

Organo came to existence with the sole purpose of integrating nature into our hectic lifestyles. The primary aim is to inculcate thelove for nature besides an experiential living on the farm. For the first time ever in the history of Hyderabad, Organo provides the unique opportunity toownan organic farm. Nestled in lush greenery spread over 35 acres with abundant vegetables, fruits, herbs and medicinal plants, Organo is a 7 km drive from Gachibowli.

Offering the Rurban (best of rural and urban experiences) way of life to counter urbanization, Organo encourages you to play the role of a farmer on weekends An ideal locale to plough the field, hand plucked fruits and vegetables, walk bare feet on the grass, Organo offers a priceless experience.

Organo is an idea that was born out of the strong conviction to slow down, to recapture the state of connectedness and to re-establish our link with the natural world and its soulful rhythms.

In the past, it was possible to achieve natural ventilation in our homes just by opening a widow. However, with the advent of “efficient” homes and urban lifestyles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay away from air pollutants. At Organo, we tried to recreate the past by designing homes that are high on natural ventilation. You can access fresh air and sunlight right from your home. Organo, being India’s first net zero, completely eliminates the possibility of air pollution, both outdoor and indoor. Thus, ensuring purity in air and good health in life for the residents.


 IGBC Platinum Certification – Organo              ( Naandi Rurban Commune)
Naandi By Organo honoured twice in WorldGBC Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards

What we are

A perfect home, Organo invites you to watch the spectacular sunrise, serene sunset, live a healthy lifestyle with assured food safety that was the prerogative of our predecessors.

Away from the noise and pollution of the city, free of pesticides and chemicals, your lungs will bless you with every breath of pure oxygen they inhale and become your best allies for life. A new-age urban community driven passionately by the ethos of “agro-culture and sustainable organic farming”, Organo has developed India’s largest collective Organic Farming Community. Thriving on the concept of ‘farm-to-fork’, Organo offers its residents known as Naandians, the best of both worlds - an urban lifestyle entrenched with the finer nuances of a rural life. The community uses the best of technology and nature for effective and productive organic farming. Imagine such nature’s bounty is just 25 minutes away from Gachibowli! Heavenly, did you say? We agree.

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Why we are

Organo’s mission is to empower you to discover the joy of plucking farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables and embrace the organic way of life. Organo is for those who are looking for Rurban way of life, a self-sustainable and healthy lifestyle, which respects nature and its resources without compromising on their comforts and conveniences. In other words, it is a

community where residents live a life connected to the nature. Our endeavour is to enable professionals to be a witness to the origin of their food, to grow their own vegetables and fruits, breed their own chicken and raise their own cattle for fresh milk. Organo is home for nature’s bounty with serene pockets of mini forests, landscaping and water bodies that are habitats for birds, animals, insects and aqua life. Organic life is a process of cleansing the body, mind and soil by adopting an alternative lifestyle that is natural, self-sustaining and enriches your life.

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Where we are

Spread across 35-acres in the lush green bio-conservation zone of Hyderabad - 9 kms. from APPA Junction on the Himayath Sagar - Chevella Road, it is for those who respect nature’s ways and want to lead a life of self-reliance through a completely sustainable organic way of living. It has been designed as a holistic farm, where farming is practiced at various levels. It features community farming, personal farming, nursery, animal husbandry, forest plantation, medicinal plantation, aqua farming, api culture etc. Apart from a 16.5-acres community farm dedicated to various fruits and vegetables, every resident has open spaces in their own farm plot to indulge in their choice of vegetables and fruits. Together, all these greatly benefit the residents in leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

What Naandians get

Organic milk everyday from your own farm

50 kgs of fresh organic fruits and vegetables every month for a whole lifetime.

The joy of being an organic farmer without the struggle.

Pure organic honey. Feel the rich.

Wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs.

A range of divine flowers: Marigolds, Roses, Hibiscus and more.

Professionally managed farms by a team of organic experts.


Nagesh who started and spearheaded the Fountainhead Design Group (FHD), is a natural learner and a self-taught leader. He has over 20 years of extensive experience in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail and luxury interiors projects. It was Nagesh’s vision to develop a project that would be sustainable and net-zero in its resource consumption.
With over 20 years of experience in the field of interior designing and the head of the Interior design team at FHD, Vijaya has an eye for detail and a sensitivity towards color, fixtures and finishes, that let her impeccable decisions on the spot. She shares the vigor to develop Organo as a highly productive yet aesthetically pleasing farming community.
Raj as we call him is not a definition person, which helped him design the marketing for India’s first sustainable collective farming in the most non-traditional ways. Raj is the quarterback for our Marketing and Sales team driving it passion and vigor. Raj’s vision the project is far out and very fast for everyone to catch up.
Dr. Vemula heads the Farmer outreach program at Organo. Has more than 27 years of experience in agriculture, forestry, natural resources development & management projects, on farm research & extension. His grassroots level work directly with farmers to middle support s and his extensive international experience gives him the bird's eye view to help convert neighboring villages and farmers to turn into Organic with the focus on sustainability.
Dhamu, Director of Operations and head of the Architectural division for FHD has helped get critical design solutions right, without compromising on logistical efficiencies. Dhamu has over 11 years of experience in the field of architecture with several Master planning and large-scale projects to his credit.
Mathan graduated from the Columbia University, New York. He has over 12 years of experience working in Indian and International firms, leading several award-winning Masterplans with special emphasis on passive and active sustainable strategies. He is passionately involved in the masterplan and public space design of Organo.
An IGBC Accredited Professional LEED Green Associate, Niharika handles the Project Management for Organo. Using her Civil Engineering education and her 10 years of experience in Construction to her advantage, she handles Technical Support, Sustainability and Customer Relations effectively.
Associate Director, Organo brings in decades of rich functional construction and real estate expertise. As a structural engineer turned businessman, he combines the best of both worlds in melding business expertise with thorough understanding of the technicalities of the business and is focused on creating seamless buyer journeys. He brings in his multi-faceted expertise to add deep value with the accent on delivering superior customer experience.
  With over 17 years of international & local experience across multiple industries, I am currently the Director of Development Strategy. I am passionate about developing real estate products that are first-to-market. Education: B.Arch from SAP & MS in Real Estate Development from MIT, Boston.
I'm a Management Professional with 17 +years experience in Microfinance, Agriculture credit , Collections and more. My expertise is in Rural Strategy, establishing new business operations and in establishing new distribution channels. Education: MBA from Kakatiya University, Warangal
I’m focused and self-driven with a keen interest in sustainability, ecology and developing net-zero built environments. I head sustainability from FHD Group. Education: BE from IIT, Karagpur & MS in Energy Systems from University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign
Dr. Reddy specializes in Agriculture Cycles, Crop Production, Plant Protection and Agricultural Marketing related Agro-advisories.

Contact Us

#148 & 149, Aziz Nagar Panchayat, Through Yenkapalli Village, Moinabad, RR District,
Hyderabad – 500 075,Telangana State, India.
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