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Our Mission

Traditionally, India is a nation of people who eat freshly cooked food grown locally and organically. Refrigeration was not a part of our culture. But over the years,

convenience has taken over all areas of life amongst most urbanites. However, we are realising the health hazards of consuming fast food, after coming face-to-face with its dangerous repercussions. The only answer to the malaise is in getting back to age old practice of freshly cooked food.

The slow food movement is spreading through dining rooms and grocery stores nationwide. Farmer's markets have become fresh-ingredient havens in a grocery store wasteland of chemical-injected produce. Books and websites devoted to the slow food movement have become increasingly available - and very popular,

particularly in light of the eco-friendly trends that appear here to stay. Slow food is not food that takes forever to get to the table; it is actually a concept of dining that combines whole foods that are locally grown, dishes made with health of the body and soul in mind, and meals that are appreciated when eaten fresh.

Food Ethos

The Slow Down Place at Organo has 3 main goals:

Slow Cooking

To inculcate the right art of cooking slowly and eating.

Food Safety

To replace processed foods with freshly grown organic produce with the focus on food safety.

Farm Sourcing

To understand and appreciate the goodness of farm-to-fork practice.

Organo conducts programs for all ages that educate members about the origins and processing of local foods, organize taste workshops, speakers and school gardens to raise awareness.

Organo has created the concept of people being slow food co-producers instead of merely apathetic consumers. A co-producer is a consumer that takes interest in who produces the food they eat, the manner in which it is produced, and the complications that arise during the process. We bring together producers and co-producers for a wide-reaching understanding of the importance of food appreciation.

Slow Down and Eat Slow Food

Replace processed foods with whole foods

Your pantry is stuffed with cookies, chips, breads and pasta sauces with ingredients you can't pronounce. The apples in your refrigerator are all perfect spheres and have remained "fresh" for an unusually long amount of time. Exchange these unnecessarily processed foods for simpler similar foods.

Eat clean food

Clean food is organic and insecticide-free. Avoid produce that has been genetically modified even if it more aesthetically pleasing. The key to living a gastronomically bountiful life is to eat as many of your meals made from food that is natural and minimally processed.

Share the slow food dining experience.

Slow down your meals to enjoy the taste of fresh food. Invite a friend over and cook together. By making the actual food preparation an integral part of the meal, you can better appreciate the finished product and chances are you will take more care in choosing your ingredients.

Eat local.

The less distance the food you eat has to travel, the fresher and, likely, more nutritious the food will be for you. Take advantage of your local farmers markets and enjoy the seasonal availability of the local variety of foods. Avoid paying high prices for out-of-season fruits and vegetables that are often bland and smaller than their seasonal local counterparts. You can also grow your own herbs or produce.


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