The Role of Therapeutic Food

  • May 21, 2018

At Organo, every element of nature – air, water, earth – is harnessed, preserved and nourished.

According to ayurveda, human physiology is a reflection of the laws of the universe, and the more in tune our lives are with nature, the healthier we will be! Our bodies possess the natural intelligence to process foods that are closest to nature, such as fresh whole grains and organically-grown fruits and vegetables. This makes sense when we consider that we have evolved as a species over millions of years eating whole, natural foods. It is just in the last few hundred years that artificial ingredients and toxic pesticides have been introduced into the food chain. It is no wonder that the incidence of cancer has exploded in the last few centuries. When our bodies are thrown out of balance due to long-term exposure to toxins and from living an unhealthy lifestyle, the result is cancer. According to Ayurveda, cancer is one of the most extreme expressions of imbalance in the body. The social and long-term cure for cancer is cleaning up our environment and food chain. The increasing incidences of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fatigue, Obesity are all the results of consuming compromised and adulterated food. As we sow, so we reap. When we toxify our mother earth, the result is that our bodies become toxic.

Organo understands fully well that the only route to good health is to choose organic, unprocessed foods. At Organo, every element of nature – air, water, earth – is harnessed, preserved and nourished. Methods like Tunnel Drafting and Energy Modelling are implemented in an endeavour to maintain ecological balance. Organic farming is a way of life here. The vegetables, fruits and herbs grown organically ensure good health of the Naandians.


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