We Farm Collectively At Organo!

It is a farmer’s community that shares farming related infrastructure, while enjoying the fruits of collective living. The profits of the farms are divided among its members. Collective farming has been successful where it is adopted as a choice in several countries.

At Organo, we explore innovative organic farming methods by employing farming experts, to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness, in addition to enhancing the health of our community and the soil.

Pooling Of Knowledge Systems:

We have all had those spurts of phases when we wanted to become farmers or meddle with our home technologies to just run appliances with solar power. But, the maintenance, upkeep, the research time required for being able to do it is not our everyday luxury.

Organo solves this with expert care for every indulgence to become self-sustainable.

Grid- free power:

To be self-reliable for energy needs is a far off aspiration even for major corporations as the sheer scale involved to be able to do that makes it impractical. This can be solved when more than 50 families come together a microgrid, sharing power with a backup as the grid power can be established.

Water security:

Water is a commodity that is a regional resource. Water management techniques like rain water conservation work efficiently only when applied to a large parcel of land.

Labor management:

Indulgences like farm living need a workforce to maintain continuity in farming. With a structured workforce that has an organized pay structure Organo manages to have a workforce that is reliable.


No amount of high tech security measures can render the same peace of mind that a group of families living together can provide. A sense of belonging to a group provides reassurance to all.

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