Mr & Mrs. Hari Thalapalli Join Naandi

We are elated to welcome a new Naandi family today. Adding strength to the cause of counter urbanisation is Mr.Hari Thalapalli’s family. Mr.Hari learnt the benefits of collaboration early. As an ex-Chief People Officer at Tech Mahindra and currently, as the CEO of Call Health, he’s built teams that transcend boundaries to work together for a common cause. As a homeowner at Organo’s Naandi community farm though, he’s once again part of something bigger. His passion for gardening and greenery make him a vocal and integral part of Naandi’s collective living project. His wife, Mrs. Sumeeta Hari is a Director at Deloitte Consulting and has vast experience in IT and Consulting domains. They have a daughter, Shruti and a son, Pratyush. Shruti works with Google and Pratyush is pursuing his Law degree at OP Jindal Global law school. Thank you for your support and belief in us. We are excited for what lies ahead for all of us at Naandi.