Suneeta Reddy – A true animal lover at heart!

Suneeta who is a photographer by profession, goes around the farm clicking pictures randomly. One day she was very furious about the chicken being confined to a cage. She had noticed a chick getting stamped in the cage due to limited space and was almost on the verge of dying. Suneeta, immediately pulled the chick out and ensured its revived. She was also concerned that these chicken were not let out in the open until 9.00 am.
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Without a second thought Suneeta made calls to all the departments including the top management. Being an animal lover she was slightly irate for not having provided better facilities to these birds. She then ensured that a dairy is maintained and the security guard signs on it daily morning, when the chicken are let out of the cage. She made sure that the chicken were provided adequate water and grains in regular intervals.

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It was the same scenario with the fish as well. Although there were dedicated people to feed the fish they were not doing their job. Mahesh again insisted that this was monitored and provided a diary ensuring that the fish were fed at regular intervals. Now they are healthy and the pictures that she clicked of them looked much more better!

Sireesh – A convincing dog lover!

Some interesting developments and incidents transpired in the last three months at Organo. Stray dogs were part of the community when this was actually a private farmhouse. As time went by they multiplied and befriended lot of other stray dogs in the village. This went unnoticed due to the construction activity and the farming activity.
At that point in time, work was in progress and the community was almost vacant without any occupants. During the construction, these dogs were very active in protecting it. Owning the credit to these dogs we did not have any thefts at Organo.
These dogs were very agile, robust and slightly aggressive. They created a dwelling in the community and created a natural habitat for themselves.
Families from the urban society started moving in to the community after the work was completed. The security system was put in place to effectively protect the inhabitants and the entire premises along with these dogs was confined.

Though the strays were free to venture out of the community they never left as got acquainted with lot of people at Organo already.In the meantime more families started moving in and they were strangers to these dogs. New Naandians were growled and barked at which wasn’t a pleasant experience. But this was their natural instinct or behavior.
Now we had an issue to deal with and we had to schedule a forum discussion on this. Views were exchanged on whether to handover these dogs to organizations like Blue Cross or confine them throughout. We concluded that they were indeed part of the community and we should provide a small place to have a shelter.
These dogs were re-homed in the community and a shelter was built where they were tied up. Security guards were instructed to walk them regularly. They were provided food and were trained to mellow down and behave in a friendly manner.
Mr Madhu Reddy and Mr Sireesh were actively involved in achieving this. They took out time from their busy schedules to befriend these dogs and cared for them.

Especially Sireesh made an effort to take these dogs around whenever he was in town and visited Organo. He inquired about the well-being of the dogs and their diet. He convinced everybody that these dogs aren’t harmful and they are equally part of the Organo community.
The security take them along for night rounds and these dogs are free to move around in the community.