Mr & Mrs. Hari Thalapalli Join Naandi

We are elated to welcome a new Naandi family today. Adding strength to the cause of counter urbanisation is Mr.Hari Thalapalli’s family. Mr.Hari learnt the benefits of collaboration early. As an ex-Chief People Officer at Tech Mahindra and currently, as the CEO of Call Health, he’s built teams that transcend boundaries to work together for a common cause. As a homeowner at Organo’s Naandi community farm though, he’s once again part of something bigger. His passion for gardening and greenery make him a vocal and integral part of Naandi’s collective living project. His wife, Mrs. Sumeeta Hari is a Director at Deloitte Consulting and has vast experience in IT and Consulting domains. They have a daughter, Shruti and a son, Pratyush. Shruti works with Google and Pratyush is pursuing his Law degree at OP Jindal Global law school. Thank you for your support and belief in us. We are excited for what lies ahead for all of us at Naandi.

Mr Mathan Ramaiah at Green Building Congress 2016

The 14th Edition of Green Building Congress 2016 was held from 6-8th October 2016 at Hotel Grand Hyatt Mumbai, India. The vision of this year’s council was to enable “Sustainable Built Environment for all ” and facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in sustainable built- environment by 2025. Mr.Mathan Ramaiah represented FHD Group in this year’s conference. Mr.Mathan took the members through the whole notion and concept behind Organo. Organo is India’s first self sustainable collective farming urban commune. Not only is it sustainably built but also lived each day by the community members.

Mr & Mrs. Sanjay Gulbani Join Organo

Organo is a community of people who believe and live by the principles of impact and sustainability on a daily basis. We are pleased to announce the addition of one more family to the Naandi Clan. Mr.Sanjay Gulbani is a jeweler by profession. He owns and runs P Mangatram Jewellers. When he visited Organo a year ago, he was not looking to buy a farmhouse but after experiencing Organo, his decision changed. The Gulbanis are constructing a home in Jubilee Hills but have decided to move to Organo during the weekends. He fell in love with the whole concept of #LifeOnASlowTrack. His love for outdoors, greenery and animals has made him choose Horse riding as a hobby. He learned to canter within 3 months and is now eager to join our community and raise his own horse. Mrs.Deepa Gulbani runs a social organisation called EQUI_AID. Here’s what she has to say about the vision of the organisation – “EQUI-AID was born out of a gesture of gratitude from having been given a blessed life for the many of us. It is our little effort to bring about a change in the lives of the less fortunate and ignored because of our own individual responsibilities. We at this voluntary organization aim to raise awareness & hope to bring about a social change & uplift the lives of the under privileged in every possible way we can. The voluntary organisation revolves around 3pillars – education, health and empowerment (livelihood enhancement). We divide a year into 3 periods of 4months and dedicate each period to each of these 3 pillars so that we can be more focused and do justice to each initiative at a time. On livelihood enhancement, we look at helping micro, cottage industries run by women and provide them with consulting which will help improve their business for the better. This would be much more valuable than the 1 time monetary support”. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Gulbani. We look forward to working together to create an impact on the lives of others in and around Organo.

Welcoming Mr. & Mrs. Vijay Madduri

Organo provides an opportunity for people to indulge in life to the deepest possible roots. Most people who visit Organo once, fall in love with it. Such is the story of Mr.Vijay Madduri and family, the latest addition to our Naandi clan. Mr. Vijay visited Organo with his friends and instantenously decided to be a part of the community. The idea of #Life.On.A.Slow.Track appealed to him and within no time Mr.Vijay along with his family celebrated the gruhpravesham of their new home. Mr. Vijay Madduri is a serial entrepreneur and the the CEO of Incessant Technologies, which helps global organizations realize their Digital integration roles through the agile delivery of enterprise iBPM solutions. He recently went to Cambridge University to get his fellowship and is now planning to take a sabbatical to study further. He is very keen on studying and learning further. His recent graduation is a testimony to his efforts. His eagerness to learn and read resonates with the community’s vision to grow. Mrs.Lakshmi is a woman of great taste and loves the outdoors. It was a pleasure to work with her while building their home. The couple has two children, Lasya and Tarun. Congratulation Mr and Mrs Vijay Madduri. All of us at Organo, wish you a very happy life ahead.