"How Naandi is making Breathing homes"

  • May 29, 2015

There are many articles on “How to Beat the Heat” or “Steps to a Cool Summer” and so on, but how does a Naandi home make Hyderabad’s intense heat waves liveable?
At Naandi we have the Tunnel Drafting system that cools the home naturally but that apart its passive design allows it to stay cool. Let’s have a look at 5 top most ways in which a Naandi home design beats the heat!
Naandi Homes
1. Protected Windows

We all know that glass heats faster than most materials. Naandi’s villas have large windows, meaning more glass than usual. Yet, we designed the villas not only for luxury but also for comfort and have provided protection for all the openings in various ways. Example: The car park shade, the balconies, the huge patio abutting the living areas, and most importantly the screens all around the building.
Farm Side2. Cross Ventilation
If you are one of the few souls who still like to keep your doors and windows cracked open no matter what weather it is, you will find just how effective cross ventilation designed well can keep the interiors pleasant. At Naandi this aspect is well explored with each room designed with openings on either side of the room (doors or windows) that allow the breezes to flow through.
Naandi Homes3
3. Efficient glass for openings
Our glass does not let in as much heat radiation as a normal home. We have designed our openings with a low ‘U’ value (Heat transfer coefficient) glass. Lower the conductivity, better the insulation. A typical single glass pane has a U value of 6 or 6.5. With the 3.8 ‘U’ value, our buildings resist heat twice as better or 100% more than a typical window glass pane.
Naandi Homes4
4. Our Roofs

If the walls and glass in the walls that are exposed to sun are protected and taken care of then the element of the home that absorbs the maximum radiation is taken care of in a much more efficient way in our villas.
The Naandi villa roofs are covered with solar panels and solar water heaters that lets almost no roof surface of the home directly exposed to the sun. Also, the solar panels are kept at a height allowing ambient air as a cushion between the solar panels and the roof itself.
And last but not least —
Naandi Homes2
5. Plantations or The Farm

Because of the vast plantations and farmland surrounding the community, temperature in the whole community will always remain several degrees lesser than urban areas of the city. The trees will avoid direct radiation being absorbed by the ground which usually gets reflected into the atmosphere increasing the temperature of the space.

Also, the various irrigation methods adopted in the farm will allow a nice cool breeze to flow into homes as the water dissipates the heat around the region affecting the micro climate of the area.
With these coupled with our Air conditioning technologies that help reduce the gained heat in an energy friendly way Naandi homes could be just what are required to best these summers!

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