Solar Trees

  • March 31, 2015

We at Organo, strive to provide homes that are not only plush and luxurious, but also eco-friendly and self-sustainable. Having years of experience in architectural designing has helped us to do just that. One such item we have incorporated in our design are “Solar Trees”.
It is our goal that any green initiative should be designed to provide multiple benefits. That is why, at Naandi – our very first project, solar panels are an integral part of architecture; not just as energy generators from above, but shade structures from below.
Entrance view close up 131230- R5A

It also serves as an iconic green symbol for the development.

Within its short existence, the development has already permeated the social conscience of the locals in surrounding areas and is referred to fondly as “solar bus-stop” due to its unique solar structures at the entrance.

Render to Reality : Organic Cafe and Hangout Zone

The use of solar panels as the outdoor plaza of the organic cafe is a perfect example of combining functionality and aesthetics. The entire roof is tilted to 15 degrees towards the south to provide the best incident angles for efficient roof top solar panels. The supporting structure below is treated as a series of inverted pyramids clad with recycled wood to create a warm hang-out area and congregational space for residents and farmers.
Since Naandi uses a micro-power grid for distribution, specially designed Solar Trees can be installed wherever energy generation is required – like sumps, borewells, farm huts, etc. The modular nature of the Trees allows interesting combinations to be assembled depending on power demand, becoming a family of street furniture through-out the project.

Solar Panels used aesthetically on each of the villas.

Each villa has a solar canopy that shades the entire outdoor roof deck making it a semi enclosed liveable area. It shades the roof slab of the living areas below to reduce heat gain during the day thereby reducing overall power demand for cooling. The design of the canopy allows the panels to be mounted to always face south for villas of different orientation  and also provides a means of access to clean and maintain the panels. The simplicity of this functional aesthetic is expressed as a unifying architectural element of all villas.
Watch out for our next article on the topic of Solar Panels named “Solar for a Nuclear Family’s Needs”!

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