Sustainable living brought to life

Rurban way of life

In the midst of intense and relentless urban development, corporatization and fast-paced lifestyle, comes a new way of life. A life we’ve long forgotten. A life that connects past with the present.

A life that is vital not just for our future but for the future of our Planet and humanity in general. Presenting Organo – a way of life for the passionate and for the conscious, which counters urbanization through its Rurban (A perfect blend of Rural & Urban) communes. A revival of age old ancient eco living by integrating 7 strands of sustainability to build a community which occupies only 8% of the land while utilizing 92% to create organic food forest.

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Mission Sparrow

Where has the sparrow gone? This feathered friend of our backyard has disappeared. We have driven our friend away. Organo’s aim to bring back the sparrow has met with huge success.

Organo actively supports the concepts of mini-forest and little ponds to collect rain water and divert them to small wetlands, where indigenous aquatic plants can shelter and sustain species like the sparrows.

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Upcoming Events


JULY 2018

A workshop on rain water harvesting and ground water recharge

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